Supporting You Through Your Journey

Let Your Strength Shine

We are a group of passionate birth workers who have come together to support all families as they navigate through this incredible journey into parenthood. It is our mission that every family feels seen, represented, and rooted in community.

Founded by a small group of doulas more than a decade ago, Capital City Birth Collective has grown and evolved to include more than 20 birth professionals who offer a variety of services from prenatal to postpartum. Our top priority is to honor each family’s individual needs and improve birth outcomes in the greater Sacramento region. 

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Our services

In addition to the services below, we have Specialties – additional pregnancy, postpartum, and family support

Birth Doula

Support for birthing families during your pregnancy and birth

Postpartum Doula

Support for families after you bring your baby home

Lactation Support

Support of breast/chest feeding

Mental and Emotional Wellness

Professionals who specialize in mental and emotional wellbeing

Childbirth Education

Trained professionals who offer childbirth education courses


Certified professionals who assist you with your nutritional needs for pregnancy and postpartum needs

Photography and Videography

Photographers and videographers who capture maternity, birth and postpartum

Body Workers

Professionals who specialize in pregnant, postpartum and pediatric bodies


Trained health care professionals who manage your care in pregnancy, birth and beyond

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How It All Works

Our collective was created to support each piece of your birth journey. We work together to support the pregnant persons we work with, allowing us to give an unmatched level of care to each family.

Your wellbeing is first and foremost during each piece of your birth journey. We are doulas, lactation experts, birth photographers, mental health professionals, chiropractors, childbirth educators, and midwives. We always empower you to connect with your baby and your birth and to advocate for yourself with informed choices throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

We believe in each other's humanity, that your truth is strength, and your unique journey is what makes you amazing. We are here to support you, advocate for you, teach you, and watch you shine.

Client Love

“Our doula listened and fully understood me from the start. She is a wealth of knowledge, empathetic, wise, patient, and kind. Her prenatal support is an unmatched personalized, private childbirth class series with limitless counseling & support.”
Katie & Mike
“I am a three-time natural birthing mama now. Going into my third birth with my baby girl Zoee, I already had some experience under my belt but with the busy life of chasing down two already, I felt that I didn’t have adequate time to prepare for this birth to do on my own. Boy, was I happy that I chose to hire a doula. DeAnna’s delightful personality lit up the room and helped to put my mind at ease; her candor made it easy to talk openly with her. She has a very nurturing demeanor and thus was very attentive to my needs and made sure to support me and give me comfort when needed. She made the difference in my birth. Hiring a doula was the best decision that my husband and I ever made and now believe EVERY couple needs to have a doula in their birthing corner.”

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