I'm Alicia Stoddard, Birth Doula

I am a birth doula who has a passion for helping people create the most positive birth experience unique to them, by helping to balance information with their intuition.

Calm, Honest, and Balanced

As a DONA and ICEA trained birth doula with a background in trauma support services, I’m here to help you and your partner feel safe and confident in whatever birth path you choose to follow. I am a firm believer not only in the power of knowledge, but also of choice and informed consent. Through my Reiki certification, practice of Spinning Babies techniques, Evidenced Based Birth membership, and Birth Rights Bar affiliation, I’m able to support clients physically and emotionally, and provide educational resources throughout pregnancy and early postpartum.


I’ve had the privilege of being able to birth my own children, as well as carry for another as a surrogate. Having had a mix of experiences in pregnancy and birth, I can personally attest to the security of having a doula by one’s side. It was at this time that I fell in love with birthing culture and with the innate magic that we, as birthing beings, possess. That being said and all magic aside, let’s just be honest. Birth can feel uncomfortable and scary. This is where I get to step in by reminding you of your choices, offering evidence-based information, providing physical comfort and support, and emotional encouragement. Aside from seeing tiny babies emerging into the world, watching people own and trust in their innate power and intuition is my absolute favorite thing to witness.

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I’m here to help you merge knowledge with intuition, so you feel confident and excited for birth!

Hear from my families

Alicia is supportive, kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, helpful and made me feel safe throughout my pregnancy and postpartum experience. I know it might be odd I said safe, but I had my first child and I was so nervous, anxious and scared, especially about labor. But Alicia made me feel safe and empowered. I think understanding and knowing I had her to turn to for advice/support helped me out so much mentally and put me in such a positive mindset going into labor.”
Alicia was graciously available to our little family through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. Her warm touch, compassionate guidance, and well thought out responses to questions helped facilitate a transition into this parental journey with more ease. Her physical and emotional support carried my family through this experience of a lifetime. I am eternally grateful for her presence and guidance during the birth of our beautiful boy. She helped facilitate the most positive support system I could have imagined. In addition, my husband felt more confident in supporting me with Alicia by our side. The time dedicated, and attention she provided, made us feel like our birth experience really mattered. I can’t imagine this journey without her there. I would recommend Alicia to anyone looking for a doula with compassion, confidence, acceptance, and understanding. Words really can’t describe the depth of appreciation we feel towards Alicia for the service she provided as our doula for our first born child.