I'm Ashley Catto, Womb and Bloom Birth Services

I am a certified birth and bereavement doula that will provide evidence based support and guidance during your journey to parenthood.

Supportive, Calm, Nurturing

Congratulations on your pregnancy! As a certified Birth Doula, I am a firm believer that families deserve to be supported, cared for, and empowered on their journey to parenthood. Birth looks different for each individual and it is my hope and heart to provide a strong support system for families as they welcome their baby. Your birth journey deserves to be well cared for, and supported. After experiencing the beauty, unique differences, strength, sacredness, and support I received from my Doula, with the births of both my children, it put a passion in my heart to help expecting families on a greater level. This led me to pursuing my certification as a Birth and Bereavement Doula through Still Birth Day Academy. 


I offer birth and bereavement doula services, and professional birth photography.

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Your birth story deserves to be told and supported.

Hear from my families

Ashley is just amazing! From her doula services to her birth photography she does the most amazing job! Being a first time mom I was very nervous about giving birth, but as soon as we hired Ashley as our doula all of my worries went away! Not once during labor and delivery was i scared or nervous. She knew exactly what to say to steer me away from any fear. She was so supportive of my husband and I. And her photography AMAZING! She truly captured the most amazing moment in our lives and I can always look at those photos to relive that moment. I couldn’t have done it without her.
Ashley was the exact support I needed during my first birthing experience. She was both my doula and birth photographer, and greatly contributed to creating a truly empowering and memorable delivery. She was with me through every step of a very long induction process and was incredibly helpful throughout my unexpected hospital stay. She helped me understand the decisions I needed to make at various stages of the induction, informed me of alternative options, and guided me through intense contractions with exercises, breathing techniques, and shower utilization that proved essential to getting the baby moving and the induction progressing. She provided knowledge, advice, referrals, and encouragement since the moment I met with her. She serves with a force of calmness, patience, kindness, and sense of humor. She built my confidence when I didn’t think I was capable, was my voice when I didn’t have the words, and comforted me with a companionship I didn’t think I would have during the birth of my son. She supported my plans and decisions during the entire birthing process and made sure that I had the exact experience that I wanted. She is the kindest soul, an AMAZING photographer, a powerful advocate, and the best doula! I am forever grateful to have had Ashley by my side during the birth of my son, and highly recommend her services for anyone looking for guidance during birth & postpartum, especially for single moms like myself.