I'm Betty Wright, Birth Doula

As your doula I am your biggest supporter as you navigate pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. I provide evidence-based information to help you make the best decisions for your family.

Education. Support. Confidence.

I believe you can do this. And I believe you can do it well. It’s natural to have many questions and doubts about this next phase of your life but you’ve got this. Your body knows how to do this whole process and I’m here to help you get out of your own way. There are as many ways to birth and parent as there are people on the earth and I want to support you as you find your path. As your doula I fulfill the role you need from me in your birth space. When you need a steady hand and a clear vision of your plan, I do that. When you need unconditional support and someone who is in your corner, I do that. When you need accommodations for comfort and accessibility, I do that.


My goal as your doula is to meet you and your family where you are in this process and together create a positive birth and postpartum experience centered around your needs. I believe that the path to a positive birth starts with information and education. Learning about the physiological birth process is empowering and can help you make decisions in the process that come from a place of confidence. From there we can develop an individualized support plan for you and your family to ensure that you are informed and comfortable throughout this journey. How you choose to birth is a profoundly personal decision and there are many paths to a positive birth. I want to give you the information and support you need to put your mind at ease so that you can enjoy this special time as much as possible.

In early 2018 I completed DONA International certified training through Sierra Childbirth Institute. Since then I have been supporting families as they grow and change. Through this work I have deepened my passion for reproductive justice and making birth spaces accessible to all birthing people. I have trained in birth trauma, movement for comfort in labor, and postpartum life skills. I am passionate about the work of supporting birthing people and families in this precious time of transition and growth.

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I am here to support you during this time of transitional growth.

Hear from my families

Betty is an incredibly knowledgeable support to have on your team during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She advocates for mothers with science and reason, then is happy to switch gears when you just need someone to fiercely be on your side. I cannot recommend her enough, whether your are an experienced mother or a brand new one. She's got you.
Betty was right by my side throughout my 15 hour labor and visited me after I was home from the hospital to help me around the house or just hold the baby while I rested. As a new mom she was just what I needed and more! I can't thank her enough!