I'm Cathy Gomez
CD(DONA), CLEC "Doula Cat"

I am a DONA certified birth doula with special training in lactation support, the Body Ready Method, Mindful Based Childbirth and Parenting Education, and prenatal yoga. My intention is to provide evidence-based birth doula support that is inclusive to all families, encompasses tender loving care, honors the inner wisdom of the birth process and optimizes each unique birth experience.

May you embrace your birth with tender loving care

I believe the journey through pregnancy, childbirth and into parenthood can be a transformative and sacred experience while also experiencing a variety of many different emotions. With the intention of advocacy, I provide evidenced based information to give each family the opportunity to make informed decisions about their care. As your doula, I honor your journey with tender loving care and hope to cultivate a sense of trust, ease, comfort and safety- and not to forget joy and fun, too!!! I have attended births in a variety of settings (hospitals, birth centers and at home). I have supported birthing families through medicated and unmedicated births. I have been fortunate to join families during cesarean births, surrogate births, and VBAC births as well. I do my best to enhance the partnership between you, your baby, and those you choose to support you.


My husband and I raised three children (my best life teachers), and we’ve shared many adventures along the way, including living in CA, TN, and NJ. Today I live with my husband and my dog and 2 cats in Folsom, CA. Reflecting on my journey, I have always loved to serve, support and advocate for parents and families. First as a pediatric nurse and volunteering with various family-based programs, and now as a birth professional in my local community. I realize that my experiences in life have led me to serve in a way I am most passionate- providing comprehensive and compassionate birth doula and lactation support along with prenatal yoga, and reiki. I am also grateful to be able to offer Mindful Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) classes, I am a Certified Body Ready Method Pro® and now a teacher trainer. This comprehensive program teaches a proactive approach to optimize the body for pregnancy, birth and recovery in postpartum. I am also trained in birth trauma prevention and in providing respectful, culturally sensitive care for LGBTQ+ families. When not at a birth or teaching a class, you may find me outside enjoying Mother Nature or creating a stained glass project. I would love the opportunity to support you as your birth doula. Please visit my website to read more about my services, professional experience, testimonials, and resources.

The world is forever changed as each baby comes into it. I try as your doula to enhance this partnership between you, your baby and those you choose to support you."

Hear from my families

"Working with Cathy Gomez - to us Doula Cat, was one of the best decisions we made as part of our pregnancy journey, birth, and beyond. From the moment we met Cat, she provided our family with education, diverse resources, and tailored support to meet our family’s birth intentions. Each session with Doula Cat was thoughtfully planned and accompanied by a whole range of relent materials – from handouts to videos and website links, she has it all covered. A key resource Doula Cat brought to us was the Body Ready Method, which provided increased understanding and physical preparation of body alignment during pregnancy and in anticipation of birth, which was transformative for our labor experience.
Doula Cat not only helped guide us through education and physical preparation, but she nurtured our spiritual and emotional selves as we prepared for birth and parenthood. Through labor and delivery, she was the calm steady coach, and we could not have imagined not having her by our side. We like to call her our secret sauce to having such a wonderful birthing experience and would highly recommend her services. She has taught us lifelong lessons we continue to tap into as parents, and we are forever grateful for her."
Liz and Tyler
"Since this is our first birth, my husband and I had many fears about the birth process and outcome given the unknown territory. Cat was there at the very beginning to ease any fear. Not only that, she empowered us with many tools, particularly for my husband, to support me to manage the pain. She also taught us mindfulness skills to help us become mindful parents, which is an incredible gift to our daughter. Cat has gone above and beyond her role as a doula and was there for us from the very beginning, for all of nearly 40 hours of labor. No words could express how grateful we are for all Cat has done for us and for that we are forever indebted to her. Any expecting couple is lucky to have Cat as their doula."
Ngan and Eric