I'm Dr. Alice Fong, ND, CHt, LMT, Massage Therpist

I am a massage therapist who helps mamas and mamas-to-be relax, relieve stress and tension, and practice self care.

Care, Compassion, and Stress Relief

Carrying a baby or caring for children can create a lot of stress, tension and pain in the body. It’s important to make time for your own self-care so you can continue to take care of others. Massage therapy can enhance a person’s emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.
Dr. Alice Fong is a licensed naturopathic doctor, certified hypnotherapist, and licensed massage therapist who specializes in stress and anxiety. She uses a holistic proactive approach centered around addressing the root cause using nutrition, lifestyle interventions, functional medicine labs, coaching, massage therapy, hypnotherapy/NLP, and biofeedback training. She puts a strong emphasis on treating stress because it is a huge contributing factor or cause of so many other health concerns such as high blood pressure, sleep issues, weight gain, lowered immune function, digestive issues, and increased risk for heart disease.
Dr. Alice strongly believes that the mind-body connection is an essential component of health. Mental and emotional well-being can contribute to one’s physical health, and vice versa. Her goal is to help empower people to become the best version of themselves, to not simply be symptom-free, but also happy and loving their life.
She has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, Health Digest, USA Today, MDRadio, Parade, and several other media outlets. She has given several talks around the country for healthcare providers, corporations, women’s conferences and for the general public.
Dr. Alice is the creator and co-host of the HappyTalks Podcast. She also is a world traveler, dog owner, crossfit athlete, and lover of deep authentic conversations.  


I offer childbirth education, birth and postpartum doula services, placenta preparation, and trauma healing. I would be honored to work with your family. Please reach out to let me know how I can help!

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We could all use a little more love in our lives, especially for ourselves. Improving our health and wellbeing on all levels (mental, physical, emotional) is how we canshow ourselves love.

Hear from my families

I went to Dr. Fong for a maternity massage while suffering from lower back pain and sciatica. I was so impressed with Dr. Fong' thorough assessment and care to address all of my concerns. Not only did she focus on the areas I most needed she also gave me the best overall massage that I ever had. She really listened to my needs and I couldn't have been happier. Now I just need a babysitter so I can go back every week!!
Jeannette Bauko Zappel
When I was 35 weeks pregnant, I was miserable and couldn't sleep through the night in forever! I was having lower abdominal pressure and a lot of back pain! I went for a prenatal massage and was able to sleep through the night til baby came!! Did I mention I was able to play comfortably on and off the floor with my toddler??? Yes, I definitely would recommend checking her out!!
Becky Hess