I'm Elizabeth Jones of The Birthstone Doula CD(DONA)

I am a birth doula offering support and nurturing during a transitional moment in life. I provide evidence-based information that helps empower you and your partner to make the best decisions for your family during your birth.

Calm. Safe. Nurturing.

As a Professional Birth Doula trained through DONA International, I help families on their journey that ends with a new little life. I am a mother and have experienced pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum with my own challenges along the way. I see each pregnancy as a unique miracle. My goal as your doula is to help you navigate your pregnancy, educate you about options for childbirth, and give my nurturing support to you through labor and delivery. You will feel informed and empowered, making your birth experience the best possible.​


My life began with a home birth. I’m one of three kids, all born at home in Orange County, CA. My family moved to Northern CA when I was 9 and I grew up in a rural town. I married my high school sweetheart and lived in Texas while he was in the military, but we knew we wanted to return home to raise our family. We eventually landed in Roseville and had our son in 2019. My birth was very different from all of my mother’s home births. I was induced in a hospital for chronic high blood pressure and had several interventions that I didn’t want. I wished I’d had a doula and I knew I needed to be that support for others. I am a compassionate and loving person who wants the best for everyone. I support ALL families as they navigate pregnancy, labor, and postpartum and would be honored to journey with you.

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I am here to support, provide knowledge, and advocate which is crucial in helping birthing people to feel heard and at peace with the decisions being made for their birth.

Hear from my families

During my second pregnancy, I found myself bragging to others about the wonderful doula I had as a support. Elizabeth brings a calming, positive and easy-going energy into the room. She is confident in her role and has the necessary experience to support not only the individual giving birth, but also the support person in the room. I did not know what to expect from Elizabeth as a doula in terms of the actual support to be offered when the time for labor came- I thought that things would go smoothly and that for the most part it would be to help my husband be present in the experience. BUT… every pregnancy is different, and so is every labor. Elizabeth was a huge support to me during my induction by supporting with various positions to help the baby move, ensuring I was changing positions every 30 minutes, providing additional information related to options presented by hospital staff to speed up labor, and being there for my husband to talk to as he was experiencing his own emotions related to the induction. The hospital staff were happy with the knowledge Elizabeth brought and that I was often already in a position they would recommend, which made their jobs easier and allowed them to focus on other aspects of my care. And once the contractions really started coming, Elizabeth was right there to coach me through them (my husband was, too, but he couldn’t focus on the coaching piece as well as she could). She even helped capture some of the first moments with my son! In terms of postpartum care, she was the first person to hear my birth story (even though she was there for it) and listened to me share my experience of recovery. The emotional trauma would have been far greater for my husband and I if it were not for the support we got from Elizabeth. My husband and I agree that we want Elizabeth to come back as our doula for baby number 3!
Elizabeth was amazing! Prior to birth, she always responded to my texts quickly and offered so much emotional support. When it came time for labor, Elizabeth was the perfect fit for us. She showed my husband ways of offering counter pressure, and she gave helpful suggestions for coping through contractions. She brought supplies that came in very handy (like a hand held fan when I was very hot) and she was a calming presence throughout our birth. She took priceless photos and videos of our birth that I cherish so much! I would absolutely recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking for a doula