I'm Gemma Mrizo, CD(DONA),
CD-Postpartum & Infant Care,
Hypnobabies® Trained Hypnodoula

Birth Matters. No matter how it happens or where it happens, it matters. It’s my goal to empower you, so that you can own your birth experience. I would be honored to support you and your partner as you embark on this amazing journey that is parenthood.

Joyful, Empowered, Interconnected

I’m mama bear to three crazies. My home is super loud but loaded with love. I’m joyful and smile pretty much all the time. That’s a huge part of me. I can easily re-frame a challenging situation which is a trait that has helped me through life and guides me as I work with birthing people to help them find their power. I knew immediately, with the birth of my first child, that I wanted to grow up to be a Doula.

Even though my first birth had plenty of unwanted interventions and some not so fabulous turns, I was helped immensely by my Doula. She never left my side, never judged me when I called for the epidural and most importantly, she helped me navigate the medical system so that I would come out feeling victorious. I felt the most incredible power that day and it became incredibly important to me that I educated others about the power behind birth.


My interest in birth runs deep. I’m constantly taking classes, reading books & articles and learning as much as possible. I’m proud to use the CD(DONA) title as my certification was a huge milestone in my professional life. I am also a Trained Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula, Trauma-Informed and happily support ALL birthing families. I’m mostly just a person who found great power in my own birthing experiences and I love to share my knowledge with newer families so that they too can feel this strength. It’s powerful stuff.

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I am here to help each birthing person find their own unique power so they can be the driver in their own birth experience.

Hear from my families

It's hard to sum up all the emotions from birth but hiring Gemma was the best and most grounding thing I did for my birth experience. In one of our meetings she said, a doula is like hiring a coach for the right sport, and that hit home for me. After delivery I figured out the best way to explain her support, it's like hiring a professional mother! She was supportive in the big moments and especially the small moments that mean so much. It was wonderful to have another set of eyes when deciding to get the epidural or just noticing the IV pole wasn't in a comfortable spot for me and asked the nurse to move it or stroking and rubbing my arm or back through a contraction. Her words are still in my ear, "you're doing better than you think". Such a wonderful soul!
Gentry Bundlie
Gemma was amazing throughout the entire pregnancy process for my wife, Allie. She decided to hire a doula for her second birth after experiencing a lot of anxiety and some scary moments during her first birth. Gemma played a huge role in Allie's entire experience, and provided support that a man just can't. Furthermore, she was a huge support to me and took a lot of pressure off of me so that I could concentrate on my wife's needs. Highly recommend her.
Andrew Davidson