I'm Ginessa Pierson

I am an experienced birth photographer capturing the raw strength, beauty, and wonder of birth in the greater Sacramento area.

Experienced, Compassionate, Storyteller

It seems fair that if you are going to be inviting me into such a vulnerable space, that I should invite you into mine. I have been a wife for 18 years, a mother to a son for 17 years, a mother to a daughter for 14 years, and a birth photographer since 2012. I’m trying to navigate my way through parenting teenagers, and it feels incredibly similar to the chaos, trepidation, and pure joy of mothering a newborn. Watching them grow and change daily is bittersweet and it’s the honor of my life to witness who my little wonders are becoming. I absolutely love people but I’m a classic introvert and prefer a handful of good friends who know and accept me completely over a ton of friends whose relationships are only ankle deep. My superpower is empathy! People’s emotions impact me tremendously and its part of what makes me an effective storyteller in such a vulnerable space. I genuinely love what I do, and I aim to capture the raw, intense, and intimate beauty that is birth.


I have been exclusively shooting births for over a decade and have seen more than 100 babies make their way into the world. My work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Huffington Post Parents, Birth Becomes You, SheKnows, Becoming Dad, Birth Without Fear, and shared countless times on different platforms online. In 2020 I was thrilled and honored to win the Silver Level Award in the yearly international contest hosted by Birth Becomes You. I am a proud member of the International Association of Birth Photographers and Professional Photographers of America.

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Every single birth has a story that deserves to be preserved and remembered for generations to come and I would be honored to capture yours.

Hear from my families

"After viewing her portfolio, Ginessa was my first choice for birth photographers with my second child. I was elated that she was willing to shoot a home birth, and later on she would shoot the birth of my third child in a hospital setting. She captured our most sacred and heartfelt moments. She seamlessly flowed around the environments, and I barely noticed her presence in the space. This ability ensured that my family, the birth professionals, and I were able to fully relax and enjoy the moment. Knowing that I didn't have to think about the moment put my mind at ease. Especially capturing the meeting of siblings, and seeing the moments I missed while in the throws of labor. After my first experience, Ginessa was my first phone call when we discovered we were expecting our third. Once again she delivered with joy and grace. The photos I have received are extraordinary and I will be forever thankful I invested in birth photography."
Liz O.
"Ginessa was with me at the absolute worst moment of my life, and also hands down one of the most beautiful and happiest. Her photos are unparalleled and astounding but SHE is the gift. She brings so much with her, yet stays hidden and in the wings somehow. She is a true artist but even more than that, she is a gift as a human. For the love and tenderness she showed while tiptoeing on eggshells capturing my baby after he'd gone to heaven, to the joy and pure gold she brought to the home birth of our rainbow baby, and the sacrifices she continued to make for my family in the subsequent hours. I will forever, like literally forever, be grateful for her. Not only just for the photos (OMG the photos!) but for her."
Kelley R.