I'm Julia Piazza, Birth Doula, CD (DONA) Pelvic Floor Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES)

I am an Integrative Pelvic Floor Health Specialist and Birth Doula. I empower women and their partners through birth and pelvic floor wisdom.

Natural Birth is What Comes Naturally to You

I am an Integrative Pelvic Floor Health Specialist and Birth Doula. I empower women and their partners through birth and pelvic floor wisdom.
My spirit, my dharma, is aligned with the essence of being a birth doula. I empower pregnant women and their partners to create the birth story they want for them and their child. You will learn self-advocacy and the importance of creating a sacred space for your baby to enter this life in a way that highlights the beauty of the challenging journey.


Empowering women and their partners throughout the birth process is my most sacred work. After completing my Birth Doula Certification through DONA in 2004, I had an inspired realization that there is wisdom from the pregnancy and delivery process that relate to both genders and all stages of life.

 As I witnessed the healing power of birth for women, I simultaneously studied and discovered the physical and spiritual healing of yoga. For this reason, I completed a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and an 85-hour Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training registered with Yoga Alliance.

For the last 20-years I have worked serving thousands of women and their partners through Birth Doula Work, Birth Wisdom Prenatal and Postpartum yoga classes, Birth partner & “Dudela” workshops and Birth & Pelvic Floor Wisdom Teacher Trainings.

As I worked with women in each stage of life, I knew helping women heal from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction was an important part of my calling to serve women.  After researching and studying Pelvic Floor health and Pelvic Floor Yoga through various collaborations and workshops, I completed an intensive Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Course with Sara Duvall, PT, DPT in 2020. By incorporating this training with my knowledge of the ancient healing arts of meditation, breathwork, yoga and specific exercise and movement prescriptions, my birth clients and students experience life changing results. With my Holistic approach to heal women from the “inside out,” I have had the joy of giving hope and healing to women who were close to giving up on the standard medical model of healing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.Learn more about me on my website!


Your Birthing Power and Strength are found in your ability to go deep inside and connect with your breath.

Hear from my families

Julia’s presence, coaching, support, wisdom and care helped us have a birth of our child that could not have been scripted any better. Everything we had hoped for, came true. We will be forever grateful for what Julia Piazza has done for us, and more importantly for our child.
Paul & Natalie
Julia’s yoga flow reached me physically and emotionally. It gave me a feeling of safety and well-being for my baby and me.
Amber F
I just finished a taking Julia's Birth Wisdom Yoga and Pelvic Floor Health Training. Wow, I am stunned. it honestly is nothing like I expected. I have my 200 yoga teacher training. I expected a lot of poses, book work, and a certificate. I left with so so much more!!! My time with Julia was inspiring, it felt like a retreat for myself, as I grew spiritually. As we women journaled together, practiced healing prenatal yoga, learned in depth about our own bodies, I left with a lifetime of knowledge. Julia is able to teach so much in such a short amount of time. Her book and pamphlets are so well written and organized. I do believe in the power and wisdom found in birth but I honestly haven't met many women who do these days. Julia's passion for birth was inspiring, and gave me an opportunity to ponder and connect with the births of my children. Julia has a plastic model of a women's pelvic bones and the interwoven muscles that hold the organs inside. I was able to hold this model and connect with my own body because for the first time in my life I could see what it all looks like, and how it all functions together. It was a very helpful aspect of the training. I was able to learn the simple yet powerful way to breath and align my body for optimal pelvic floor health. I am thrilled I found Julia's training at this time in my life. Julia's training was worth every penny and I would highly recommend it to ALL women of any age to take. The freedom to enjoy good health, pregnant or not is invaluable. Thank you Julia for doing what you do! It is so needed and important. I am changed and better for it.
Aubrie B.