I'm Julie Kwong, MPT

My company, Lady Bits is a specialized group of therapists passionate about helping women prepare for and recover from childbirth.

Prepare, Heal and Recover

As a woman and therapist who has struggled with my own personal pelvic health issues (painful intercourse, prolapse, infertility), I went on a deep journey to heal myself and discovered my true life’s passion: helping other women heal. On this journey, I discovered pregnancy and postpartum pelvic issues are often not well treated for most women, and women are left feeling unserved or strangers in their own bodies after birth.

I was determined to find the answers that many women are often told require surgery or “you just have to live with this”, during those months and years after birth. Postpartum recovery became my obsession and helping other women heal fully after birth has been my greatest joy these past few years. During this time I have been blessed to serve hundreds of women, some of whom decided to change their career paths and work side by side with me in serving other women. Now Lady Bits employs a little team of women serving women, understanding, empathizing, and truly embracing the woman’s body and mind during her precious postpartum period (and for some women, many years after birth to heal the leftovers of what pregnancy and birth did to their body and function). It’s never too late to heal, and the women who work at Lady Bits love to be part of your healing journey.


Lady Bits therapists focus on bodywork during pregnancy to keep you pain free, and education to reduce fear and perineal injury during childbirth. Our postpartum bodywork is focused on restoring pelvic bone alignment, rib cage position, and all the fascia and organs in between. Our specialized rehab restores the true function of your body to resolve any leakage, prolapse, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, C-section scars or abdominal muscle weakness or separation (DRA).

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It's never too late to heal from pregnancy and birth, even many years or decades later.