I'm Kim Stalians, ICEA,DONA,HCHI

As a birth and postpartum doula I’m passionate about educating, loving , respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and assisting you prenatally, through labor, childbirth, and into parenthood.

Lovingly and Passionately Doting Over Your Personal Needs

Through a coffee date with a friend who was a lactation consultant getting ready to launch a new volunteer doula program at her hospital, my journey began! Learning what a doula was, I became completely intrigued with the profession. I began as a volunteer for that hospital-based doula program. During the two years I worked as a volunteer doula, I learned the ins and outs of birthing in the hospital setting. I also learned how much I loved supporting families during birth. After two years, and a desire to get the full experience by supporting my own clients, I ventured out and started my own business. I also found that the more I learned the more I made sense of my experience. I was on a mission to learn it all!

So here I am today full of passion and love to connect with you so you feel educated in your options and rights, prepared for a birth you desire, and ready to navigate the unexpected. I look forward to surrounding you with support, resources, and tools to achieve a healthy birth, process your birth experience, and journey into parenthood.

Training & Certifications

Birth Doula (ICEA), Postpartum Doula (DONA), Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor (HCHI), Hypno-Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, Professional Belly Binder, Birth Monopoly Know Your Rights Graduate, Top Three Barriers to Evidence-Based Care, Evidence-Based Birth® Childbirth Class Auditor, Birth & Trauma Support Center trainings: THE PREVENTION OF BIRTH TRAUMA LEVEL I AND II A SPACE TO HEAL ADDRESSING TRAUMA IN THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY TOP BARRIERS TO EVIDENCE-BASED CARE


I look forward to connecting with your personal needs to inspire your best birth journey. My heart is so passionate in leading you into feeling SEEN, HEARD, and EMPOWERED through your birth, into parenthood AND beyond. I provide judgement free support of your choices. Whether this is your first time or you’ve done this before, I will support you birthing at home, in a hospital or birth center, choosing an unmedicated or medicated birth. I SUPPORT YOU!

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I am both blessed and honored to be a birth and postpartum Doula. Having the profound opportunity to connect, inspire, and nurture moms and families during their most intimate moments in life, is such a rewarding and unbelievable experience.

Hear from my families

Let me start off by saying, Kim is amazing! Originally I wanted to have my second baby at a Birth center but that wasn't able to happen. So I decided to look for a Doula instead. I happened to find Kim's website and saw that she lived really close to me so I gave her a call. She came to my house for the initial interview and I knew right away that I wanted Kim to be my Doula! She has a very kind and warm heart! Kim is the type of person that truly cares about her clients, this is her passion and it shows! Kim is very knowledgeable regarding pregnancy, labor, postpartum and everything in between. She was able to introduce me to several resources so I could plan for my dream birth. Kim is extremely respectful and supportive of whatever kind of birth you plan to have...natural, medicated, C-Section. If you are curious about different areas regarding pregnancy and/or labor/delivery she will help you in anyway she can. I hired Kim literally right before the pandemic hit, so it turned into a stressful time for pregnant mama's everywhere. Kim was my saving grace. She was so calm and comforting through it all. I get stressed and anxious quite easily but she was able to help me really enjoy my pregnancy. She helped me plan for my birth in anyway we could, given the obstacles of the pandemic and hospitals' new protocols. When I was a week and a half from my due date the hospital I was planning to go to got inundated with COVID patients and they became very doulas and possibly no husband. Kim and I talked and I decided to try to find a different location to have my baby. Kim made several phone calls on my behalf and it turns out she called the birth center that I originally wanted to go to. The midwife agreed to take me at 38.5 weeks pregnant. When I met the midwife I was thanking her for taking me and she told me that it was because of Kim, it was her kind words and demeanor. Kim was the reason she decided to take me. I was truly able to have the birth of my dreams with both my husband and my doula at my side and I owe it all to Kim. She is truly wonderful! In addition to all the help and support throughout your pregnancy she is also there to help with postpartum, which is the best time but can also be the hardest time and may be lonely for a lot of mama's. Kim is so comforting and understanding during those difficult yet wonderful times also. My plan was to hire a Doula but I didn't realize I would end up with a life long friend as well!
Elizabeth B.
Where to begin? I am HIGHLY satisfied with the doula services provided by Kim. Kim was a supportive, kind, and intuitive force during my labor on September 10th. Faced with PROM and anxiety from a previous birth that stalled what little contractions there were, she helped me to relax in a hospital setting armed with different labor positions, essential oils, and empathy. Whether you have an unmedicated birth, one with an epidural, or even a c-section, please do yourself a favor and reach out for doula services: it definitely makes a world of difference. Thank you, Kim! From David, Kason, and I. 🙂 Words can't describe how thankful my husband and I are that we hired Kim as our birth doula. While this was our third pregnancy, it was the first in the Sacramento area, and we knew very little of the services available to us. Kim was patient and knowledgeable. She was always quick to respond to our questions with suggestions and support and was great at calming my anxiety during the many bumps along our journey. Due to circumstances beyond either of our control, Kim was not able to be present at our birth, but she called in help from a wonderful backup doula who fit our family perfectly. A situation that could have been stressful was actually quite the opposite because of Kim's preparedness and proactive communication. We ended up having a wonderful birth experience and now consider two amazing doulas part of our family.
Stephanie B.