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Lactation Support

Lactation Support

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a specialist in human lactation and infant feeding. Only an IBCLC has the clinical competency to provide a plan of care from common to complex situations feeding your baby, improving your comfort, and helping you meet your milk supply goals. 

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Midtown Lactation Consultants, IBCLC

Our MiLC Clinic will accommodate urgent breastfeeding visits. Call 916-936-2229 for an appointment. To enroll birth center care it is best to secure your place as early in pregnancy as possible. Please visit our website for a virtual tour, check our FAQ page to see if you meet our risk criteria then call us for an orientation.

Michelle Kunschke, IBCLC

I am a compassionate lactation consultant providing expertise in making infant feeding comfortable so the whole family can thrive. Same day and next day appointments are typically available and held in the comfort of your home. Please call or text 916-956-1999 to schedule.

Jessica Hopp, IBCLC

I am an international board-certified lactation consultant and an infant and maternal nutrition specialist. My goals are to empower families with evidence-based techniques and provide them with a safe environment where all questions can be asked.

Other Support

Dr. Lynn Gerner, The Good Life

I have been a Chiropractor and Prenatal/Infant specialist for over 17 years. This is not your average Chiropractor! I very gently address specific anatomy to assist in more gentle births and to allow babies to breastfeed successfully. I am post-graduate faculty at 3 Chiropractic universities and teach continuing education on "The Anatomy of Breastfeeding" virtually and around the world.