I'm Maria Darden, Childbirth Educator

I am a Childbirth Educator whose evidence based classes help families build confidence and trust in the birthing process.

Calm, Confident, Supported

I provide accurate, evidence based information on pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. I strive to present this information in an interactive way and in a variety of formats so that it is useful and memorable! My classes provide plenty of time to address concerns, answer questions, and delve deeper into the many facets of childbirth! I hope you will join me to experience this education firsthand.


Hi I am Maria Lena. I became a Childbirth Educator because I want parents to have knowledge of all of the options available during pregnancy and birth and to be able to exercise self determination as they make the choices that are right for them. I love to share information on pregnancy and birth and hope to make a positive impact on the families I work with.

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I believe birth is fundamentally a natural, healthy, physiological process. I believe that birth works best when undisturbed the majority of the time. I do acknowledge that at times the use of judicious intervention is necessary, beneficial, and increases the safety of mother and baby.

Hear from my families

I had some fears about delivery due to having two difficult deliveries previously (C-section and hours of pushing). Maria helped encourage and educate me about the pushing phase. She recommended a great book that gave me tools to use to set myself up for a smoother delivery. My labor was quick and Maria was coming from an hour or so away, but she still met us at the hospital as planned. She was very supportive and not judgmental of my choices. I had wicked pain in my tail bone and couldn’t have beared it without her applying counter pressure to alieviate it. I ended up having a very quick and smooth delivery and was very happy with the entire experience.
I knew I wanted a doula from the moment I found out I was pregnant and after a short search online, I found Maria. I appreciated her profile and personal statement and found her to be, in person, exactly as she presented online. What I appreciated most about Maria was her flexibility and her focus on birth plan changed significantly after labor started; I had big ideas about a natural birth, but nothing could have prepared me for what labor would be like or the challenges I would face (back labor, prolonged labor), and while Maria worked to make certain the choices I made would still result in me being happy about the birth process, it was never about her own views or personal ideas and wishes, it was all about me and my needs and wishes; and, Maria’s flexibility, support, and positive attitude are one of the biggest reasons why I can still look back on the birth of my son so positively and happily, in spite of the changes in my birth plan. I also appreciated the time Maria took with me, not only to discuss my birth plan and answer my questions, but just to get to know me personally; we were never rushed. While we were complete strangers when we first met for an interview, I felt like I had one of my best friends in the delivery room with me, and her support postpartum got me through some difficult times when I experienced breastfeeding troubles. I do not hesitate to recommend Maria as a birth doula and can say, without a doubt, that I would request her services again if and when I need them.