I'm Shalin Butterworth of So Zen Birth Services

I provide skilled guidance and compassionate support, offering a platform upon which you will reclaim your power and build confidence through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.

Intuitive, calm, confident support when you need it most.

I am passionate about supporting families as they do the work to achieve healthy, positive birth experiences. Pregnancy and childbirth are normal, natural processes, and I trust the intuitive wisdom and strength of a person in labor. I believe families do best when they are informed, supported, and empowered while navigating pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood.

I have experienced first-hand the transformative power of the birth process. Today, I am Mom to a happy, curious four-year-old who is a constant reminder of the beautiful simplicity in this world. My teammate-for-life, my husband, is the steady calm upon which our family floats. In addition to fostering community and connection with expecting families and fellow birth professionals, I enjoy spontaneous outdoor adventures, connecting with nature, cooking, spending time with my family and friends, movement meditation, and crafting and using natural remedies to maintain optimal health. Wellness starts from within, and I believe in taking care of myself so that I can be there for my family and the families I serve.

It would be an honor to walk beside you as you welcome your littlest addition.


As your birth guide, I provide unconditional physical and emotional support for you and your birth team through pregnancy, labor and birth, and early postpartum. I share reliable, evidence based resources to help you explore options and make informed choices. During your birth I remain present and steadfast, reinforcing trust in the process which allows you to peacefully and thoughtfully welcome your new baby.
Certified Birth Doula (DONA), Certified Postpartum Doula (CPpD, Cornerstone), Certified Lactation Education Counselor, Evidence-Based Birth® Instructor, Doula Mentor

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It is time we put childbirth back into the hands of birthing families.

Hear from my families

This review has taken me quite some time to write. Not because it wasnt important but because I don't think I could have articulated just how life changing Shalin's birth work was and really still is 9 months postpartum. Her presence, encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, support, and love throughout my pregnancy has transcended way beyond my birth. Being pregnant and giving birth during the pandemic was challenging on top of the pregnancy complications I was experiencing and with my baby being breech. Shalin guided me, listened to me, advocated for me and helped me find my voice/power so that I could make the safest and best decisions for my baby and me. Coming into my 2nd pregnancy I had some trauma from my first birth and I knew I needed to create a birth team and support system around me in order to avoid falling into the same birth environment and postpartum darkness as before. I knew I needed to find a doula. When I "met" Shalin for the first time over Zoom I instantly felt connected to her. She was warm, open, inviting, and had the kindest smile. Right away I knew in my heart she was the doula who was going to help me through this pregnancy! Although I am a nurse I knew taking her birthing class was going to be beneficial and it was. It was also amazing to get to know Shalin as an educator. Even in the Zoom "classroom" setting Shalin created a safe space for learning. There were 3 huge moments in my pregnancy I can remember that I still thank my lucky stars I had Shalin by my side. The first was the decision of where I was going to give birth & who my providers were going to be. (This was a lengthy process! I had to jump through many hoops and Shalin helped me navigate through it all.) The second was her support during my ECV procedures to turn my breech baby (she helped me relax, reminded me how strong I was and helped me stay focused on my baby. And most importantly advocated for me with the providers doing the procedure!!!) The third was her support at my actual birth. I know I am a strong woman but in my heart of hearts I wouldn't have had my beautiful birth without her!! Shalin supported me through the best natural and unmediated water birth There is soo much I want to say about who Shalin is as a person and as a birth professional but I would go on forever. If you are trying to figure out who to choose as your doula, I can tell you that you would be so incredibly blessed to have Shalin by your side. I will not have another child WITHOUT Shalin as my doula!! -
Briana L.
We are so lucky we found Shalin and feel absolutely grateful to have been able to share such a positive intimate experience with her. Shalin exudes kindness, calm, and reassuring encouragement, with a level of trust that normally takes years to build. We've recommended Shalin to all our expecting parent friends and family and give our highest recommendation for anyone wanting to feel safe, supported, and held in their birth journey. She's simply magical. Our home-birth can be described in three words as loving, transformative, and empowering. I felt so safely held by my support team, with Shalin being the head coach. She and my wife worked seamlessly together during active labor to keep me hydrated, comforted, and with very little direction from me. Her intuition was spot on, knowing exactly what words to say, and what comfort measures to use before I even knew I needed them. We were so empowered by the whole experience that my wife, who would have never considered a home-birth before, is now planning to have hers in a few years as well, with Shalin as her doula too, of course. - Mimi Z. Shalin supported my husband and I throughout the pregnancy and birth of our first child as our doula, Evidence Based Birth childbirth educator, and lactation educator. Hiring Shalin was one of the best decisions we made in preparation for welcoming our baby. As our doula, her impartial and unwavering support guided us through decision making during our pregnancy and helped us to advocate for the prenatal care and birth preferences we desired. Shalin's Evidence Based Birth course equipped us with the knowledge and tools needed for a variety of birth experiences. This left my husband and I feeling more prepared in our roles both as the birthing person and support person leading up to the birth of our baby. Lastly, Shalin's one-on-one prenatal lactation course helped me to feel much more confident about breastfeeding for the first time knowing that I could trouble shoot common challenges and that I was equipped with the knowledge and resources needed for differing eventualities.
Fiona C.