I'm Tiffani Mooney, Postpartum Doula

As your Postpartum doula, I will serve as compassionate and knowledgeable support to you and your family after your birth. During the fourth trimester, as you settle at home with your newborn, I can help you process your birth experience, and support you both emotionally and physically as you grow into parenthood.

Calm, Confident, Supported Postpartum

Birth doesn’t end in the birth room. The fourth trimester is a time for bonding and recovery. During this time, it is important that the birthing person feels supported as they recover from birth. As a DONA-trained postpartum doula, I am here to help you and your family feel more at ease with your newborn. I am also here to help as you navigate the first weeks of parenting. During the fourth trimester, I will help you learn your baby’s language. I will help you with diapering tips, nursing/bottle feeding support, how to set up an efficient environment, and help maintain the household so you can sit and bond with your baby. One very important thing I do is listen. You may be given a lot of advice from people. I prefer to give options, not advice. My goal is to support you while you learn to trust your own instincts as a new parent and find what works for you and your baby. To learn more about my services, please visit my website.


I am a DONA-trained postpartum doula, serving families in the greater Sacramento, CA area. As a mother of five, who birthed four and adopted one, I am passionate about family and parenthood. My wish for every new parent is that they feel supported in having a calm, confident, supported postpartum.

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Of the many correct ways to care for your newborn, the idea is to find what is most comfortable for you and your baby.

Hear from my families

Tiffani supported us during eight weeks after the birth of our baby girl. As two new dads, we couldn’t have wished for a kinder and calmer presence during this special and delicate time. Tiffani brought a magic mix of experience, tranquility, and care to our expanding family and was very sensitive and adaptive to our needs. She embraced us with kindness and love, and over the course of our time together, we grew very fond of her. We’re grateful for having found her and for the great start we had with her support
We used Tiffani as a postpartum night doula the first 6 weeks after our son was born. I was initially hesitant to have a night doula but after going through the experience with Tiffani, I am not sure I could imagine it any other way. Tiffani was caring, supportive, able to answer all of my questions, and provide the postpartum support me and my family needed. I would recommend her on all levels and hope to use her again as our family grows.