I'm Melissa August, Certified Family Massage Therapist

I offer a healing sanctuary for new families to melt their pain and stress away.

Healing Sanctuary

I offer prenatal and postpartum massage. Before baby crawls, snuggle with your baby on my table while I give you a massage. Learn infant massage while building a special bond with your new little while increasing your baby’s immunity and growth hormones to help them grow happy and healthy. I have massaged people of all ages, so bring your family with you.


I have been partnering with Moms and Dads for more than 10 years to provide them a healing sanctuary where they can find support and relief while dealing with the joys and challenges of pregnancy, birth, and infancy. Massage helps mom-to-be deal with the fatigue, stress, and aches caused by hormonal changes and creates a healthier environment for the baby. For the dad/partner-to-be, massage offers a way to manage the stress and be a more empathic support for mom-to-be. After baby is born, they become part of the massage experience when parents bring them to an appointment or learn the techniques of infant massage.

Wherever I work, in my office in Davis or your home, I create a safe, cozy environment where we can focus on the area you feel needs work. Together we determine the right level of pressure needed to take muscle fiber back to a normal physical state and bring back blood flow to the region.

I became a certified massage therapist in 2004 and am licensed to practice throughout the State of California (License# 18681). I have also completed training in Pregnancy Massage for the Childbearing Year, with Stephanie Halderman at the Healing Arts Institute and became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor CIMI® through the International Loving Touch of Foundation.

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I have 17+ years massage experience. I promise that you and your family will be in good hands.

Hear from my families

Look no further for the best massage in Davis! Melissa is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and very in-tune with the body. She will ask you how much pressure you would like and keeps that level throughout the massage. The times I asked for a strong massage, she accommodated from beginning to end. When I asked her to concentrate on a particular area, she made that her focal point rather than giving it a few extra pushes. My husband introduced me to Melissa after he had a remarkable session with her, relieving knee pain he had for many years. Finally, we have recently been blessed with a foster infant who we have been taking to Melissa for lessons in massaging our sweet angle. If you have a child, please give your family the gift of massage in Melissa’s caring hands.
She was so friendly and gave a lot of great information on different massages for my baby and helping her brain grow and how she learns from just a touch. Thank you so much Melissa. We really enjoyed you class! Aaryn C. Melissa is fantastic. I always leave feeling so wonderful and relaxed. Melissa was the first masseuse I have ever been to, and when I received a massage from another masseuse in Hawaii while on vacation, I was so disappointed. It was nothing like a “Melissa massage” and I have a much greater appreciation for the superb massages that she gives! I live 1.5 hours away from Davis now, but try to get a massage in whenever I come to Davis. Melissa also has a passion for families and children, and gave me fantastic guidance for relieving my infant’s gas pains. If I lived closer I would take her infant massage class in a heartbeat!
Elizabeth S